Innovative concepts that goes beyond expectations

Live from the stage/my workspace

Monica Nassar

I majored in Architecture em Urbanism at the University Institute of Brasilia. After three years working as an Urban Planner, with an Post Degree on Environmental Analysis, I went on to study photography at Studio F508 of Photography in Brasilia, becoming their partner in 2017.

I decided to move to São Paulo in order to expand my working skills and possibilities, and started to work as a creative researcher for film producers concurrently attending to a scenography class at Escola São Paulo, lectured by Renato Bolelli. As a final project my classmates and I yield on a project called VIRoRIO, that was exposed at the 13th Quadrienal of Prague (PQ 2015).

Developing great affection towards the scenography crafts, I'm now engaged on a few researches on the subject while taking part at the post graduation course of Scenography and Costume Design at the University of Fine Arts of São Paulo, where I developed a scrip découpage methodology based in the geographic theories of mapping called: Adelaide.

My creative approach is to find innovation believing that it comes from a combination of multidisciplinary knowledge and creative enforce. It's about going beyond belief and creating memorable works.